We acknowledge the Menang and Pibelmun peoples of the Noongar nation as the Traditional Owners of the lands of the Walpole-Nornalup National Park.

Two Iconic WA Trails in The Valley of The Giants

Upgrades and improvements to our unique tourism infrastructure

If you’re looking for an experience that reconnects you with the natural world, if you’re looking for different perspectives, unique encounters, slower travels, then visit the Walpole-Nornalup National Park and immerse yourself in a unique forest experience.

The Ancient Empire Trail

Discover the Enchanting Ancient Empire trail: Now More Accessible Than Ever!

We have exciting news from the heart of Western Australia’s Southern Forests. The Ancient Empire trail within the Valley of the Giants has undergone a significant transformation to enhance accessibility and improve the visitor experience.

Since its opening alongside the iconic Tree Top Walk in 1996 (see more below), the Ancient Empire trail has captivated the hearts of tourists from around the globe. Providing an up-close, ground level, encounter with the awe-inspiring Tingle Trees, this unique destination has welcomed over 4.3 million visitors in its 27-year history.

Previously, the majority of the Ancient Empire trail remained inaccessible to individuals using wheelchairs or prams, due to the presence of steps, limiting the immersive experience for many visitors. The trail alignment was an ‘out-and-back’ route, duplicating the scenery for those on the journey.

The winding Jarrah boardwalk                                                        Photo credit Ryan Smith (DBCA)

In January 2023, as part of the WA Recovery Plan, extensive works were initiated to extend the Ancient Empire, creating over 400 meters of new accessible trail. Alongside this expansion, existing timber decking structures were revitalised and levelled removing stairs and ensuring a comfortable journey for all our visitors.

The significant redesign of the trail has resulted in a fully accessible 540m loop, inviting visitors to meander through the majestic Tingle Forest at ground level. Every step of the way, you’ll encounter the most iconic and breathtaking trees, immersing yourself in nature.

To minimise any disruption to our visitors, the construction was carefully scheduled during non-peak periods. This approach ensured that the Ancient Empire remained partially open to the public throughout the stages of the project.

We are excited to announce that the works were completed in July 2023, and the Ancient Empire is now  open for exploration! Come and experience the wonder of this incredible destination, accessible to all who seek to connect with nature’s beauty. 

The Tree Top Walk

For 25 years the Tree Top Walk has entranced visitors with the amazing walkway among the treetops of the awe-inspiring Walpole Wilderness. You can now experience these magnificent trees from within the canopy as well as from the huge trunk base.

Sunset over the tingle forest and Tree Top Walk                           Credit Tree Top Walk

Below the famous 600m-long walkway, the Tree Top Walk (TTW) is supported by a system of six interconnected steel trusses, cables and pylons.
Like any built structure that’s exposed to the elements, we need to stay on top of our regular maintenance program because visitor safety is our number one priority.
The TTW was closed for three months in early 2022 for programmed maintenance work but the breathtaking views were not impacted for visitors as the majority of the work took place underneath the walkways and platforms.
The Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk is now open daily from 9:00am to 5:00pm (last ticket sales at 4:15). It is a popular place to visit in the school holidays.  You can avoid the queues by visiting outside of peak times, so it’s a ‘tree-rrific’ idea to plan your adventure to come before 10:00am or after 3:00pm!
The discovery centre, gift shop and Ancient Empire walk are also open. The Ancient Empire is free to visit, and you can wander through the majestic tingle trees and visit Grandma Tingle on the newly constructed boardwalk and accessible trail.

Experience the Valley of the Giants at night                       Credit Tree Top Walk

For other ideas on how to experience the beauty of the Walpole-Nornalup National Park within the Walpole Wilderness and the Great Southern region of WA visit Explore Parks WA (dbca.wa.gov.au)

Pic 1: Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk in the Walpole-Nornalup National Park
Pic 2: Greens Pool in the William Bay National Park – credit: @lachyross (IG)
Pic 3: The Gap in the Torndirrup National Park – credit: @navigateaustralia (IG)
Pic 4: Granite Skywalk at Porongurup NP credit: @ganedenmedia (IG)

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