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Porongurup National Park

Porongurup National Park and infrastructure projects

The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) is implementing five trail and infrastructure projects within the Porongurup National Park that were identified in the WA Recovery Plan. Additionally, in conjunction with the Shire of Plantagenet and other stakeholders, DBCA is assisting with one other WA Recovery Plan project in the Mt Barker area. 

These projects will enhance the experience and safety for all trail users. They include the following.

  • Castle Rock and Granite Skywalk trail upgrade (under way) 
  • Castle Rock car park extension and trailhead upgrade 
  • the Porongurup Trails Master Plan, to consult with community and identify trail opportunities. 
  • Upgrades to Nancy’s Peak circuit and the Devil’s Slide walk trails 
  • Tree-in-the-Rock day use site upgrade 
  • New mountain bike trails on Pwakkenbak (Tower Hill) in Mt Barker (Plantagenet Shire)


Download the Porongurup National Park Trails Master Plan 2022 – 2027


Castle Rock and Granite Skywalk trail upgrade (2021-22) 

Improvements to this popular and well-loved trail, which takes walkers up to the spectacular Granite Skywalk, include the construction of 415 stone steps.  

Local stone mason, KMT Constructions, has been awarded the contract to improve the trail surface by adding in the stone steps. Another contractor, Common Ground, is upgrading water drainage to limit erosion.  

For more information visit our news update HERE


Porongurup Trails Master Plan (2021-22) 

This project is required to accurately capture ideas and priorities for the development of new trails and upgrades to existing trails within Porongurup National Park through consultation with local and relevant stakeholders.   

The project aims to engage the local community and interest groups in the planning process, to optimise investment in the project and to capture all relevant opinions on the priorities for the Porongurup National Park trail network.  

The consultant’s final report will guide the way forward over future funding years.


Nancy’s Peak circuit (2021-22) and Devil’s Slide (2022-23) walk trails  

Nancy’s Peak circuit trail will be upgraded with the construction of steps and realignments to avoid slippery and hazardous areas. 

Additionally, minor works are planned for Devil’s Slide walk trail, including access to the trailhead via Wansbrough walk.  


Upgrade to the Tree-in-the-Rock day-use site (2022-23) 

The day-use and picnic area of Tree-in-the-Rock requires an audit to assess visitor flow and use and determine key upgrades to parking and site infrastructure. 

Upgrades are planned for the existing day-use facilities including the entry statement, toilet and trailhead.


Pwakkenbak (Tower Hill) downhill mountain bike trails development 

The Great Southern Regional Trails Master Plan describes this project as an opportunity for a locally significant descending-focused trail network to service the local Mount Barker community and provide additional experiences for visitors to the region.  

The proximity of the trail network to the Mount Barker town site, combined with views across to the Porongurup Range, will provide excellent trail opportunities and experiences. 

DBCA in partnership with the  Shire of Plantagenet will manage and deliver the jointly funded project.

Project works will include new parking and a disability access walk trail to the lookout at the top of Pwakkenbak (Tower Hill).


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