Dwellingup Adventure Trails – Stage 2

We acknowledge the Wiilman people of the Noongar nation as the Traditional Owners of the land through which these trails pass.

Significant parts of Dwellingup Adventure Trails (DAT) Stage 1 project have been completed for some time and are drawing rave reviews from trail-users enjoying the well designed and expertly constructed trails.

The DAT project, and the new Dwellingup Trails and Visitor Centre developed by the Shire of Murray, have seen Dwellingup emerge as a world-class trails destination. It’s only a short drive from Perth with facilities for individuals and families to enjoy all the adventure activities on offer.

There are a range of walking, mountain biking, four-wheel drive and canoe trails in the area as well as the internationally recognised Munda Biddi Cycle Trail and Bibbulmun Track.

The DAT Stage 2 project will add more trails and facilities and link existing trail networks to showcase the area’s natural landscapes and cultural heritage and continue to make a significant economic contribution to the region.

The new trails will continue to connect visitors to the nature and culture of Dwellingup while expanding and enhancing the experience.

Mountain Bike Trails

 Marrinup Trail upgrade Status – in progress. This traditional, hand-built trail is Dwellingup’s original cross-country loop trail. The Stage 2 works include,

  • An upgrade of the existing 7km of trail
  • Construction of an additional 1.2km of new trail, which includes the realignment of the existing fire road sections onto new single track.

Turner Hill upgrade
Status – completed. Like Marrinup, Turner Hill is a traditional, hand-built loop trail. New works include,

  • An upgrade of the existing 11km of single track by adding 2.5km of optional lines to give riders a variety of descents.

Northern Loop Mountain Bike Network
Status – planning 2022-23. With construction planned for 2023-24, this network will link the Dwellingup townsite to the Marrinup circuit and the Turner Hill trails further north. This work will,

  • Require 15km of new mountain bike trail linking the Turner Hill and Marrinup circuits.
  • Enable users to ride from Dwellingup town to Marrinup and Turner Hill and loop back to town on purpose built single track trail.

Tom’s Crossing Downhill Trails
in Lane Poole Reserve.

  • Status – planning commenced. Situated above the Baden Powell Campground in pine plantation, this network will be constructed to national competition standards. This network will be designed to challenge the most experienced riders, including those preparing for competitions, and will feature 3km of technical, downhill-style blue and black trails.

Walk Trails

King Jarrah Walk Trail upgrade and new, as yet unnamed, short loop in Lane Poole Reserve. Status – site assessments in progress.

The 8km King Jarrah walk trail is a WA classic day walk which begins at Nanga Mill and is a 5-hour return trip. Not to be confused with the actual King Jarrah tree in Dwaarlindjirraap, Lane Pool Reserve, you will see many other King Jarrah’s on this trail. Work on this trail includes:

  • Construction of 40 steps to mitigate drainage and steep slope issues, and improve sustainability.
  • Construction of approx. 4.4km of realignments to address erosion issues.
  • Construction of a new 1.6km section of trail to create a shorter 4.2km loop option.
  • Improvements to the longer loop using the North Junction Form and Munda Biddi trail along the western bank of the Murray River.

Bibbulmun Track loop
– Status – planning 2022-23, construction 2023-24.

This new trail is being built in response to trail-user demand for more loop trails as per the WA Hiking Strategy 2020-2030.

  • Development of a 3-day/2-night walk loop utilising the Bibbulmun Track and two campsites, Swamp Oak and Chadoora.
Photo Copyright Josh Cowling/Shire of Murray

Paddle Trails

New paddle craft launching facilities at Yarragil and Stingers campsites on the banks of the Murray River in Lane Poole Reserve.

  • Construction of at least two facilities to mitigate damage to the riverbank and to allow easier access to, and exit from, the river.

The new DAT Stage 2 project will add even more trails and activities to Dwellingup’s existing offering providing even more reason to visit the Dwellingup Adventure Tra

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